IN4EVS: Volunteering opportunity for youngsters in Baia Mare!

We are looking for one volunteer from Spain, Austria, Germany, Lithuania and Czech Republic!!!

The “INforEVS”  (second phase) service starts in September 2017, it brings together 6 volunteers from Spain, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Lithuania. The project was created to promote European Voluntary Service in the framework of the Erasmus Plus program as means of personal development and as a free, on hand learning opportunity. It is implemented by Team for Youth Association, in the town of Baia Mare and in the neighboring area.



  • Name of the project: INforEVS
  • Type of project: European Voluntary Service
  • Period of the service: 7 months
  • Number of volunteers: 6 international volunteers
  • Location: Baia Mare (Romania) and its surroundings
  • Hosting organization: Team for Youth Association
  • Project financed by: European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme
Main role of the volunteers

In teams, the volunteers will organize ”INFO DESKS”, ”Informational Campaigns” (flyers, posters, videos, trailers, photos, blogging) and an ”EVS Caravan” in which they will get involved directly with youngsters and motivate them in applying for EVS, by providing them with clear information and practical ways in which they can do this, using non-formal education methods.

That’s not all, later in their stage they will create and manage a series of Social Hubs, or discussion groups with interested youngsters, in their native language or in English (depending in the current need) and evaluate the needs of the youngsters in the community related to youth mobility projects.

The profile of the candidate

Team for Youth Association sketched the general features for the profile of the candidates, according to the proposed activities:

  • At least a minimal English language skill, speaking is very important.
  • They will also act as promoters, sharing their experience and giving personal examples of their volunteering. In this way they will surely act as promoters, for their country.
  • Open person, ready to take on the responsibility of holding a discussion or facilitating a short training, comfortable to be the center of attention and ready to give speeches or interviews.
  • Have a minimum of PC skills and use of internet (a lot of the promotion and communication with office will be done online – emails, Facebook, Skype, chat, website, forums and all)
  • Flexible to changes, responsible, does not discriminate, is open minded!


To read more about the experience of our former volunteers in our previous European Voluntary Service projects, check the next link.

How to APPLY

Official IN4EVS Logo

If all of this sounds great already and you think you’re suitable for the project, go ahead and send us your CV and Cover Letter (in English) to or

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