Volunteer with Team for Youth: There is no Planet B

If you would like to try out a European Solidarity Corps project, are interested in environmental protection, nature and education, this project is for you!


We want to send an alarm signal to the people about the recent effects of pollution of the environment, at a local as well as on a global level. We want to raise awareness and show young people in local communities new behaviors how to reduce the impact on the environment. The main objective of “There is no Planet B” is to create context where at least 200 youngsters from Baia Mare learn ways to protect the environment, reduce negative human impact on it and reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources. Volunteers will undertake non-formal education activities, recycling workshops, nature themed trips, watching movies and ted-talk, debates, creating messages and videos on the project’s theme. Volunteers will prepare non-formal activities in schools and high schools, prepare outdoor activities and inform participants about current environmental problems and the current climate crisis.

Activity venue: Baia Mare, Romania.

The project start date is: flexible – 15 September 2020 / 01 October 2020.


Food, accommodation and transport expenses are fully covered (up to a limit established by the project).

Materials for the project are also provided.


Volunteers will benefit from a series of training at the beginning of the project to make them able to successfully carry out the actions prepared and targeted in the project. with them having the experience in the digital field and working with young people. They will also benefit from Romanian lessons through the O.L.S. (online) and the possibility of strengthening their knowledge of the language at the office by having extra lessons. There will also be specialized support for the problems encountered during the project by the project team and the mentor.


Volunteers will have to be between 18 and 30 years old, interested in the topic of the project, but also be able to function as examples of good practice for the people they work with. They should be responsible for energy consumption, with a proactive attitude and communicative, creative and nature-loving attitude.

The volunteer can come from any EU member state and needs to be available to participate in the project for a total number of 154 days (approximately 5 month).

The applicant will need to have an European Solidarity account, as the application is done trough it.

We are looking for 2 volunteers!

To apply: 

After the application we will contact you for a pre-selection interview. You will need to also fill in a specific form before the interview (so check your emails).

Good luck!