The ”charging month” (II) – by Chloe Colinet de Labeau

June was a ”charging month” in working and emotions !!!

We began to work for the ”Ioana Maria Association”, which was created by a parent of the child with disabilities. It’s a very exciting and really interesting job. We take care of children with the help of some parents, and also Alex, psychotherapist, who is an amazing person. We organize courses with different things, the goal being to improve their physical abilities and the capacity of concentration. We also had a day for hippo-therapy (with horses) with the children. It was incredible to see the smile lighting their small faces 😉

In parallel, I gave also French lessons in high-school for  teenagers. It’s a real pleasure to see them motive to learn.  I am also very proud to say that I have managed  to make them be interested in what I’m teaching , and mostly thanks to my presentation about Paris and its unusual places.

27 Chloe Article

This month, we also had to create our first summer camp in Firiza, a village near Baia Mare.  I must confess that I was extremely stressed to work around with twenty children and especially with the idea of disappointing them!

But finally everything passed very well , after some readjustment about the organization and some lively discussions about the different activities proposed, we managed to create a caring atmosphere for children and we have learned to adapt to their needs. We were hosted by a family, in a beautiful house with breathtaking views on the surrounding mountains. No word is strong enough for describing how  sublime, magnificent, extraordinary was the landscape. We had the opportunity to hear  the children laughing, the  dogs barking, the goats strolling in the garden and to see cows grazing grass … So all this was just incredible!

So thank you very much Team For Youth Association for this amazing month!

Chloe Colinet de Labueau (France) is hosted in Baia Mare by Team for Youth Association, in the “Life Skills for Rural Education” project, a European Voluntary Service, financed by the European Commission, through the Erasmus Plus Programme.