Debbie – from Kenya to Romania

My name is Deborah Muthoni Mushorah from Kenya, I am a Hotel Hostess by profession, front office management is my discipline. I came to Romania to volunteer as an English teacher without knowing anything about it, but I have ended up falling in love with the people the land and the culture.


Well, I arrived in Romania here in Baia Mare on 24th of Feb, 2014. I was picked up by Andreea the Team for Youth president from the train station and she took me straight to the apartment where. She gave me time to refresh myself then she took me to the association where I met with the other volunteers and the office staff and at the same time she treated me with the European breakfast. The coffee and the sandwich was something new for me, having come from Africa, it took me time to figure out how I was going to eat the sandwich. I also enjoyed meeting with the other volunteers from different countries…they were funny and very interesting.

”People in Romania are amazing!  The teachers, students and the children I had been working with are unforgettable”

Later on I was introduced to my activities and to my mentor Nicoleta, then to my Romanian teacher Claudia. At first I was overwhelmed by the language, the hustle and the bustle of Maramures city. But after some few weeks with the help with the help of my mentor the office staff and my fellow volunteers I felt as though I belong here. I am glad because of this people, they have always been around to answer any queries or worries. I have always felt appreciated here and I would definitely recommend this program to others.


The placement was good and it has always been interesting.  My responsibility as a volunteer  here had been to teach English vocabulary & to have English conversation, both in schools and at the library.Volunteering in Romania as an English teacher had been a fantastic way to experience Romania and learn about its culture while also contributing to its people future prosperity. People in Romania are amazing!  The teachers, students and the children I had been working with are unforgettable. It has been a great privilege to teach English to people of all the ages. It was great volunteering in Racovita, Angel Saligny, Petofi Sandor, Nemeth, Targu Lapus and at the library. I also enjoyed the children summer camp which was at Danesti village in Secret Garden hotel as well as teaching creative arts at Roman center.


Another activity that blew my mind was when me and Remus went rafting at River Somesh. The experience was amazing and heart stopping. I never thought we were going to make it to the end but thanks to Remus for motivating me whenever I felt like giving up. This activity was a one day one but it was very rewarding… I got a certificate of merit at the end and we were showcased on Romanian television.

Volunteering in Romania has helped me to learn about myself. I have as well developed important skills that will be valuable to me in my future career. Most importantly I have improved my public speaking. Last but not least, the way I make decisions has totally been altered and it is so cool to see the world in a different perspective now. Saying goodbye to Romania would be the most hardest thing for me.

by Deborah Mushorah