The diary of a French guy in Baia Mare – Baptiste Venegas

Hello! My name is Baptiste and I’m 25 years old, I’m from France, and today I’m going to start something really Important for me … my diary! I want to preserve this future year I will spend here, in my memory, but also I want to share my feelings with you!

First Day!

I’m finally in Romania and my first day in here was really cool! I was with Chloe, a French volunteer and she was guiding me around the city, to get some landmark insights in Baia Mare. I also met Ionut, a strange person which I’m going to work with (nah, he is not strange, he is pretty cool) and later, other volunteers, including my flat mates and the staff members.

My different feelings.

To be honest, I really like Baia Mare. It’s a little town, calm and beautiful. Romanian people in here are really nice to me. I started to learn Romanian (a little bit) and sometimes I go outside in the park in front of my flat to ask people in there for some help for the pronunciation of some words. Sometime they just ignore me, because they are shy or also because they don’t speak English, but most of the time they answer my question and we laugh because of my accent.

EVS Stories Baptiste Venegas Baia Mare

I like this town because I can see, all around it, the hills and it’s really a big change from what I’m used to in Paris. I can walk to the mountain whenever I want!  I have to visit the rest of the town and also the rest of Romania! My first Impression is quite good and I know that I will go from surprises to other surprises.

See you around in Baia Mare.

Baptiste Venegas (France) is hosted in Baia Mare by Team for Youth Association, in the “Life Skills for Rural Education” project, an European Voluntary Service financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Programme.