EVS is beautiful, but difficult in the same time – Clara Galiana

My Project in Romania has been, during these three months, a project – in my opinion – so beautiful; I have worked with children in orphanages, in the hospital and in a day center for people with disabilities.

Beautiful, but difficult at the same time.

Because the children didn’t understand English and I didn’t speak Romanian – so I couldn’t tell them all that I would have liked, but I have had local volunteers ready to help and translate what I wanted to say to the children and vice versa.  I think that is the only negative side of this project, otherwise worthwhile. Children were so lovely and friendly; they don’t know you and immediately they start hugging you, giving you kisses and trying to teach you Romanian.

I am glad with the project and with the things that I learnt in these three months. Another thing of the EVS is the people! You know a lot of people from different countries, you compare their cultures with yours, you learn some words in their languages.

Trips! I think that the best of EVS is all the trips that we have done, in our free time. We have visited a lot of Romanian cities, which are so nice! And some countries also. In these trips, you not only see amazing places, but also you can know really good people, I have discovered that in Romania there are so good people, that help you in so many ways.

Clara Galiana evs romania baia mare team for youth association

In short, I think that my EVS has had 1000 different moments – it is another thing that I like. Every day was different. Also, different feelings appear – it´s like a roller coaster, with happy days, for all that you like here, the new experiences, with sad days, because you miss your country your family, your friends… however, I think that most of these days are happy, because you discover a lot of things, places, cultures, languages.

I am happy with this EVS and this experience!

Clara Galiana (Spain) has been hosted in Baia Mare by Team for Youth Association, in the “ReAnimate” project, a European Voluntary Service, financed by the European Commission, through the Erasmus Plus Programme.