EVS Stories: My EVS made my head going upside down – by Ella B.

Like the seasons passed, I also get into a lot of emotions, sensations. Here I am, leaving Romania during the fall. I’m leaving the red and oranges mountains and for sure, I leave a piece of my heart here.

Printed in my mind, the sudden change of weather here made my life and my volunteer project so much full of unexpected moments. It has given to me the opportunity to work with a diverse audience from numerous social structures.

Romania is such a paradoxical and enriching country you have to discover. You won’t be able to understand everything but just let yourself carried along traditions, landscapes and Romanian way of living.

The most important thing I learned during my long-term project is to consider the time as an indispensable ally. The most difficult thing was to find an overall sense in what I was doing in this country. But, considering my EVS day by day made me realize that my sending and hosting organizations have left me a great freedom of initiative to consider small daily victories!

This volunteering mission was very attractive because I participated in the construction of my mission as well as in the definition of my tasks. I mostly worked with young people in poor communities and it wasn’t simple. It requires patience, constant energy and availability and mostly to be ready to develop new skills.

To conclude about my volunteering: after all, I realize that I’ve contributed to bring to the community a bit of benevolence through my involvement.

I especially learned to continue to question the notion of learning for myself as well as the transmission of knowledge. The field of non-formal education is varied and I wish to continue to devote time to it.

I will always advise to live this kind of experience; because we learn as much about oneself as about the environment we’re living in. In my opinion, EVS is a great way for youngster to have more perspectives of what to do in life, to escape from a classic pattern of life offered by some institutions or societies.

Intercultural environments truly help you to be more open-minded and be aware of the importance of belonging to a great international team.

In the end, I will say that EVS is a joyful combination between people who believe in building a society with differences between people while creating a network of relations.


Ella is a French volunteer and she takes part in the “#BuildUpYourFuture” project which is an European Voluntary Service financed by the European Commission through Erasmus Plus program.