EVS Stories – From France to Romania

My Name is Anthony Scala like Scala de Milano. I come from France, Marseille. The second city of France. I am a student. I began my studies about mechanical engineering in the University of Toulon. In September, I will continue studies in business in a business school in the same city.

So at the beginning I saw an article (the call) in newspaper. This article spoke about an EVS project. I was interested about it. After, I decided to contact the sending association to make the contact with hosting association. One day I had an answer for Romania, in Baia Mare.

My first reaction was like: Yes! I’m so happy to find a project. But some days after, I was little scared about Romanian people. I received a lot of (bad) ideas, because in France we have some problems with the roma community.

The trip was so long, but it was nice. When I arrived in Cluj Napoca, I was so surprised about the environment, the roads, buildings, cars, churches, etc.

I arrived in Baia Mare. My first feeling was good, for me it’s a small city if I compare it with Marseille. But the size does not matter, it’s a cute city with a big potential for the future. Team for youth Association! This association it’s like a family! A big-big family! We have local volunteers from Baia Mare and other volunteers from EVS projects. We have also an office team. I discovered a lot of things during my EVS. I am with some people who came from almost every country of Europa (Italia, Spain, Estonia, Turkey, and Reunion island… New Caledonia also).

All the days, all the weeks, during the project, we must to communicate in English. I am sure, I can improve my English level at every moment.

Bye-bye stereotypes! For example, if I want to ask my way because I am lost, Romanian people answer to me with a smile. We can stop them for to take a picture… it’s inevitable for me to stop learning English! In France, in this same situation, French people prefer to continue to walk without seeing you! We have a real difference between this way of life.

My typical week in Baia Mare it’s about working with children. I can improve my knowledge my experience with this type of work, because in this case, these children can’t speak English, only Romanian. Sometimes it’s difficult.

During the orphanages, the hospital, the kindergarten, we don’t have the same we can have various ages of children. Also with this, I have the chance to learn Romanian language. Finally, if I must conclude: the EVS project is a real opportunity to travel, to discover new languages, new religions, new monuments, new peoples, a new way of life… A lot of things!

My EVS is not finished, I will enjoy it before coming back in my country.


La revedere!

Au revoire!



Güle güle!

Anthony Scala  (France) is hosted by Team for Youth Association in Baia Mare, in the “ReAnimate” project, a European Voluntary Service, financed by the European Commission, through the Erasmus Plus Program. 

Anthony from FR to RO