EVS Stories: Intense Month (I) – by Inmaculada Calderon

I’m Inma, a volunteer in T4UTH in the Project IN4EVS. I arrived here 5 weeks ago from Spain. Full of expectations and desires, I said goodbye to my family and I start my travel to Romania on April 1.

Since there, I have lived a lot of adventures and new experiences… I can say this month has been very intense. The first week, I met a lot of people: my project mates, some local volunteers, my mentor, T4UTH workers, flat mates, and other volunteers that live in Baia Mare. And it was a week for adaptation, so everything was new discoveries, and a lot of questions for everyone: where is the supermarket? How to use the buses? Where is the library? What is that? And this? Where can I find…? What’s the meaning of this word? And of this placard? But, lucky me, all of them were very patient and help me with this little details.

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After that during the next weeks, we started with the project! For me was very excited, with new programs and apps, we learned how to use it and then we did it! But not only this, I also knew better my new friends, and I’m very happy (because they are great).

I suppose until now it doesn’t look so intense, right? Well, because in the middle of that weeks, we were moving so much. We went to Bucharest, Budapest, and Sinaia (to participate in “On-arrival training” during a week). These trips were amazing, I could know not only new cities. Also new people, new volunteers living in Rumania, and I learnt more about this country, its history and culture.

Maybe one bad thing of living an intense month like this is I didn’t have so much Rumanian lessons, so I feel I advance slowly. Although I learned other expressions out of class, my most important goal now is learning this language. At least to understand everything better!

Of this month I keep this experiences, the new friendship, and lots of new things to do.

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Inmaculada (Spain) is hosted in Baia Mare by Team for Youth Association, in the “IN4EVS” project, an European Voluntary Service financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Program.