EVS Stories: Thoughts on the future


As my grandmother always says: „Your generation has so much more options and possibilities than mine did, but I don’t think that makes it easier”. This really resonates with me – there’s so much I could do, so much I want to do, I just have to decide and that’s the difficult part. In addition to that, I am one of those poor unfortunate souls who chose the social sciences as their field of study – so I don’t have a guaranteed job like someone who for example studied engineering or did a vocational training. But I am trying not to let that dishearten me. I really want to continue my education and I want to experience new cultures, so because of that I am applying for a Master’s programme abroad in a field that I am passionate about. And then? Who knows…. I want to work in a job that I feel is meaningful, and that improves things in society.

But one thing that I definitely learned during my EVS is that the kind of work you do is not the most important thing, it is about who you do it with, and about the people who care for you in your private life.

This is what I need to put energy in: Taking care of my relationships with the important people in my life, and focus on establishing new ones with the new people I meet. Then I am sure everything else will fall into place as well.


So, what are you going to do after the project? “ It is one of the most common questions I receive these days. And it is natural as there is just a month left until the end of the project. Actually, I have two ideas – one of them is a long-term and the other one is a short-term one.

My long-term plan is to study master of Gender Studies. But as it is still unclear when the program will be open, so that’s why now I am continuing with my short-term plan. For now, I can say that I am working on it. I have sent some applications and I am going to send some more. I am preparing my CV to apply for a program in South America and planning on doing it with a voluntary program of travelling the world. I am already in a competition for a program of teaching in Lithuania. Also, I am waiting for an answer from European Court of Auditors about a translator’s position. Some NGOs already said no, because I am not a citizen or resident of their country. It is a pity, that not all the people have same opportunities.

There is not so much time left, but I believe that I will find a new project, as I did with this project – I found it when there were only 20 days left until the end of my placement in a high school in Spain and I got the confirmation when it was my first day at home. So, I am still hoping for the best – to find another project. But not to find it wouldn’t be something bad either – as I already have a bachelor degree, I can always find a job in Lithuania and wait for the studies of my dreams while working


My future after EVS… I’ve been asked the same question this last month, and I have to say it’s the hardest question right now.

Of course I want to travel, but what I want and I feel I need is find a job. One I like, start a new stage in my life. This one has been really really great, I’m very happy of coming here, and very grateful to all the people who made it possible and participated with me in this experience. And that gives me strength to create a new chapter in my life, one that actually is blank, without concrete plans at the moment (and this is quite scary too, I should say…)

But scary or not, with plans or without them, I hope I’ll enjoy and face these new moments and adventures with all the things I’ve learned and get in these 11 months in Baia Mare.


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Sarah (Austria), Juste and Skaiste (Lithuania), and Inma (Spain) are hosted in Baia Mare by Team for Youth Association, in the “IN4EVS” project, an European Voluntary Service financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Program.