EVS Stories – The time flies…

My adventure in Romania started about a month and a half ago. I did not know what would have reserved this new experience away from my city and my country. At first time I was frightened by the idea of not being able to acclimate and not being able to face this experience. Instead, I was wrong.

During this experience I’m having the opportunity to expose and express myself and my creativity. During my job I have a great time creating games and activities. Sometimes I have some problems with children because it can happen that they don’t want to play with you and you must to involve them with your activities. This is an opportunity for me to exercise my ”involvement spirit” on other people.

Unfortunately during this first period I couldn’t work at Esperando (center for people with disabilities) but I hope to have the opportunity to work there soon. I had just one occasion to work with Esperando’s children, for children’s day! The day was fantastic, we painted children’s face and we created animal balloons.

Around one month ago I had a formation training with other volunteers from other part of the country. Was amazing and really interesting, I learned some new games to play with children and here I had the opportunity to express and to better know myself. During this period I have some problems with languages, is not easy to be educator and animator in other languages, but we have the support of other local volunteers that can help us for the translation.

 For me, it’s difficult to learn Romanian language because I must to learn it in English language and I have a lot of problem with this. Sometimes I have confusion in my mind but this not discourages me.

About languages during this first part in Romania I discover a passion for Spanish lessons. Laura, a Spanish volunteer, gives us Spanish lessons and I want to continue to learn this amazing language in Italy when I come back. During the next week, with Laura again, we’ll start bachata lessons, I can’t wait, I’m not a great dancer but  I want to try to learn something new.

My mentor is fantastic. She is available and she help me if i need it. I saw my mentor for four times, not a lot, but for me it’s enough. I discussed with her about my EVS project, about myself, about herself and about my travel. This experience is also an opportunity to discover the country of eastern Europe, place that were unknown for me before.

I was amazed because I did not think to find so much beauty. Yesterday I visited Mogoșa lac. Was great, amazing lake and mountains, and amazing landscape!

I think that during this first part in Romania something in me it’s changed, I’m more sure about myself and some obstacles that seemed hard before now  and are not longer. Now I look what will reserve the last part of my project. See you for next page of diary!

Alice del Santo (Italy) is hosted by Team for Youth Association in Baia Mare, in the “ReAnimate” project, a European Voluntary Service, financed by the European Commission, through the Erasmus Plus Programme.