EVS Stories: Two months in Romania – by Camille U.

Romania was so much better than I was expecting, I will come back a hundred times. I’m leaving but a part of my soul will stay there.

Before coming here, I was not thinking how much I will learn, it’s an enriching and precious experience. I had the chance to work with a diverse audience from different cultures. This allowed me to discover the beauty of Romania, their people, their traditions and their beautiful landscapes. Of course, I just had a short time to appreciate at its true value but what I discovered was wonderful.

I made a short-term EVS in Baia Mare. T4UTH welcomed me two months as a volunteer. I had different missions, like going in orphanage or schools. The association gave me a lot of freedom working in this place and now I realize that it was a real chance to work this way. It was not easy everyday but when you have good energy and the desire to do something nice it brings daily little victories and even pleasure. At least it was like that for me. Team really care about what you do and what you want to and I’ve to thank them for this experience.

In this association I also prepared events to share French culture and help people to discover European culture. It was great to see how people were interested about where I came from. So, they learned about me but at the end, I learned more about them. I guess people should come here and live this experience to understand what I’m saying.

Doing an EVS is the best way to discover yourself, your limits, your capabilities, even to develop new skills… Living with people form all over Europe, sharing unexpected moments, making unforgettable meetings, and so. Every smile is a pretext to start a discussion and every discussion creates a new relationship.

Going abroad with EVS is a way to escape from a conventional system and to open your mind. This is an opportunity that makes you think about what you want and who you are at the end. It felt this way for me.

To sum-up, I will say this experience is the best way to meet people who believe that we can build a new kind of society made with all our differences and this is because our differences are essential.

Camille is a French volunteer and she takes part in the “Voluntary Generation” project which is an European Voluntary Service financed by the European Commission through Erasmus Plus program.

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