EVS Stories: An (un)usual day (II) – by Inma Calderon

Salut! This is my second post for the blog… and a lot of things have changed since the first one. If everything was new at the beginning, now I feel very comfortable in Baia Mare (not because I wasn’t before, but now all those new things are more familiar).

How is a volunteer’s usual day (or one of my usual days)?

In the morning I use to go to the association. Sometimes I go with my flatmate, sometimes alone; but it’s a nice way (very green, parks, trees). When I arrive to the association my friends of the project are there (they are very punctual ^^) and… we start our tasks! These are different every day, and every month. Sometimes we have to prepare infodesks, or the caravan (activities with youngsters), sometimes we create posters or promo things, or movies, and a few times we participate in events and activities out of our project (like Jaanipaev, or one day in a summer camp). Changing the daily tasks is funnier for me, makes everything very interesting and exiting).

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And one day per week we have our Romanian lesson. I have to say it’s a bit hard, a lot of new words, different order in the sentences… But we are really trying to learn it, thanks to our (until now) three teachers.

What happen when we finish there, and we go out?

Well, some days we need to go home. To clean, or just to rest. And some days we need to make other common thing, like going to the supermarket. But even those small and common things are often great. I can try my Romanian (very very basic at the moment), know new places, have a good time…

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But sometimes (a lot of times) we spend the time doing something else, like going to a park, staying watching a series, going out to drink or eat, etc. There are a lot of things you can do when you are with your friends, so the possibilities are huge.

About the weekends… well, that’s a complete different story. There are a lot of different and funny things to do here in Baia Mare and out, so it’s difficult to have a boring weekend. An event about sports? A trip to another country? A trip to another city? Cinema? An event with bikes?

So, answering to my own question before… For me, a volunteer’s usual day is not usual at all 🙂

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Inmaculada (Spain) is hosted in Baia Mare by Team for Youth Association, in the “IN4EVS” project, an European Voluntary Service financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Program.