EVS Volunteers Interviews – Jule Malenka Gabriel

Hello Jule! At first, thanks to take time for the interview. Could you tell us yourself? Who is Jule?

I am Jule Malenka Gabriel. I am 19 years old. I am from Visselhövede, Germany. I have just graduated from high school. After school, I traveled to France with my friends and Bulgaria where I went for school trip. After that I came to Baia Mare for EVS.

What would you like to study? Have you already planned your future in education?

Actually I haven’t got any idea now. At first, I want to be adapted life with volunteership. Because when I am working as volunteer, I have chance to keep thinking about my future. Maybe I will study about social work.

You are the youngest foreign volunteer in this organization and you have already traveled a lot. So is it a kind of common thing for German youth before study in university? I mean, do German youngsters who have just graduated from high school generally prefer to travel or attend some volunteer program like you?

Yes, it is common to travel after high school in my country. I mean nearly half of youngsters would rather to travel before their university life. Most of my friends are also prefer to travel or participate in some youth projects like EVS.

Are you member of any social organization or NGO? Have you ever worked as a volunteer before EVS?

I am a member of Greenpeace. While I was studying in high school, tried to join Greenpeace activities which were about planting and protecting the nature.

So how did you start to interest about EVS? Where did you see or hear European Volunteer Service Program at first? Did anyone recommend you?

I saw on Internet about EVS. Then I started to interest and search about it. I tried to find an EVS Project that is suitable for me on EU Database.

Could you tell us about your EVS project? What is it about?When did you begin your EVS and until when will you stay in Baia Mare? What are the activities which you do?

My project name is EVS 5×8. My project has started at the beginning of August and I will be here until April. In this project, I am learning Romanian language now. But after schools are opened, I am going to teach Germany to Romaian students and I am going to help German teachers like an asisstant in German class. Also in our organization, I try to teach German to people who would like to learn my language.

Can this project answer your expectations which you had before came here?

I didn’t have huge expectations about EVS like everything in my life. Because I usually don’t increase my expectations. I came to Baia Mare hopefully and I really found more than my expectations.

What is your opinion about Baia Mare and Romania?

Romania is a nice and warmful country. Unfortunately I haven’t been in many cities yet. I hope i will travel during my EVS period. But I really like Baia Mare. Especially, Baia Mare is so interesting for me. Because the life standarts, traditions, people’s behavior, food are so different for me. And also Baia Mare is a great city to be a volunteer. So I am really happy to be in Baia Mare

Would you like go another country for volunteership again? Also do you have any plan to live out of Germany in future?

If I had chance, of course I would like to be in another country as a volunteer. Because it means new experiences and also more fun. However I don’t have any specific idea about live in another country. Maybe it can be France. Because I like French culture and when I was kid, I wanted to live in France. I am still so young. So I want to chance all opportunuties for my future.

And finally, could you tell us with one word what these words remind u?

EVS – Romania
Meat – Animal (No food!)
Cascaval – Delicious
Bicycle – Commander 🙂
Windsurfing – Amazing
Dacia – Not faster than my bicycle 🙂
Germany – Ugly guys
Turkey – Handsome guys 🙂

Thank you very much Jule for your attention!

Cu placere! ( more than Gian Marco 😀 )