EVS Volunteers Interviews – Ruben Garcia

Hello Ruben! Before the beginning, I would like to ask a question that will determine that we will make an interview or not; Barcelona or Real Madrid?

Of course Barcelona!

Good answer! So it means we will make an interview 🙂 So could you tell us yourself?

I am Ruben. I am from Santiago de Compostela, Spain. 28 years old. I study high school, after professional formation adminitrative and formation of esthetic (make up, tatoo, massage etc.). My longest job experience was in THALASO- SPA for 5 years. When I was working for that company, I had chance to meet football players. Because I worked as massage guy also for Deportivo La Coruna Football Club. I have good friendship with players. Still I keep in touch with them.

Also I worked every summer as a waiter, for outdoor activities while I am studying. Finally, I was working in a tattoo shop before I came to Baia Mare.

By the way, what is your full name? 🙂

Let me try to remember. Hmm.. I have a short name as a Spanish. Ruben Garcia Gonzalez 🙂

Could you tell us about your hobbies? For example, what about street juggling?

Sport is an important part of my life. Of course, I play football. I like to downhill bike which riding fastly in small ways and jump over the holes. Also I like fishing especially subwater fishing.

Now I try to improve myself about street juggling. I started like it more. I think I can use them for volunteership in future.

Maybe tattoo is one part of my job. But it is more than that for me. Because tattoo is most important hobby of my life. I can’t imagine that I can give up to do it.

Do you have any plan for your carrier? Do you want to have massage saloon or tattoo shop in future?

I don’t want to stay in same city. I would rather to travel and do my job. Now I can’t say that I have a specific idea about my future. When I think about my future, I always say myself; ”Let’s see!”

What about your volunteer experiences? Are you member of any organization?

I am not member any organization. Actually this is my first serious volunteer activity. But I really like it. After my EVS project is over, I will join an organization and try to be more active.

Why did you decide to do EVS?

I left from tatoo shop. Cuz after crisis. I wanted to go another country to improve my English.

Why did you choose this project?

I did’nt know anything about EVS but then I met some guys who are mamber of my sender organization then I liked and came. Actually I had a chance to go Holland and Greece. But I prefer to come Romania. Why I chose Romania? I don’t know. Even now…

What are your activities in your EVS project?

Language club and also we will make show with street juggling and balloon fixing, origami. Go to school and help the teachers. EVS 5X8.

This question will be little bit serious. Please don’t accept it as a rude question. But I would like to ask. So you are from Compostela and you speak Galician in your city. Could you tell us the language situation in Spain? I mean can it be problem to speak Galician even in your city? Do people reproof when you speak Galician? Or when you hear some people who speak another language in your city, do you feel disturbed?

Actually I have problem about it oftenly. Because in my city, people who has right-wing ideas and support conservative party would rather to speak Spanish and they sometimes can show unexpected reactions about language. On the other hand, people who support left-wing party prefer to speak Galician. I like to speak Galician but I am not obsessive about language situation.

So you are working as a masseur, tatoo artist or maybe make-up artist. Does your job have some interesting advantages? Especially about girls?

I thought that you will ask this evil question 🙂 I am professional and I have never mixed professional life and civil life. So all customers are same for me. I really don’t care about their gender or beauty. However some of them give me their number or they remember me on street and try to talk with me. Honestly, just two times I call back the girls who gave their number to me after massage.

Could you choose one of the binary, please? Which one of them do you prefer or like more?

Messi or Ronaldo – Messi

Tatoo or Massage – Both. I can’t prefer one of them.

Football or Biking – Football

Deportivo La Coruna or Celta Vigo – Celta Vigo!! Of course Celtinha!

Placinta or Mamaliga – Placinta

Ursus or Silva – Ursus

Buchrarest or Cluj – Cluj

Thank you Ruben!

Muchos cu placere! 🙂