First week of our project – knowing the place

A long wait and at last… Romania… Maramureș… Baia Mare. Hello!

After a long, long and tiring journey (train, bus) we finally arrived and are ready for adventures! We will spend 5 months here and we hope it is going to be :). Each of us has different plans and objectives, but we both want to have fun and enjoy the activities.

During the first week, we visited a bit Baia Mare and the beautiful surroundings. As we do not speak Romanian, we cannot communicate as we have wished, but body language is universal and will serve until we get better with the language.


We walked on the boulevards and little streets… sometimes we got lost. To our surprise, the people we met were smiling and willing to help. We also went in the woods and ate berries. A lot of berries.


Our first impressions of the city are various…new and old, some ugly socialist buildings and the beautiful nature…everything mixing. It has a special “colour”. The longer we are here, the more we like it. We adapted to the new conditions and we are enjoying the sun!

Anna Pluskota, Magda Neuberg

EVS Volunteers @ Team For Youth Association