Hi there!

Hi there!

It’s Gian,
Welcome to the first and most likely monthly appointment with this column.

First of all I’d like to introduce myself and my friends: we’re Ruben, Jule, Laure, Liis and Gian Marco; respectively from Spain, Germany, France, Estonia and Italy.

I’d like to start expressing my gratitude to the association, the local community and all the people around us who daily work to make us feel serene and appreciated.

My E.V.S. project with Team For Youth Association has basically started on august 2012; the kick-off has been a very useful and enjoyable period to become familiar with Baia Mare and its dynamics. I’ve immediately felt welcomed even ignoring language, habits and not properly conscious of what I’d have done in here; was my very first time in Romania, still remembering that time with joy and being carefree!
Let’s attempt to focus on the objectives we have to reach during all this long path: you know, it’s quite hard to accurately describe aims and targets, but I’ll try!

Being volunteer, in my view, might be described, on one hand, as a very fulfilling fieldwork (a self interested decision somehow but altruistic experience at the same time) targeted at raising up your deep individual identity; on the other hand there’s an important particular aspect it deserves to be mentioned as well: in order to comprehend the environment around, I decided not to behave as passive guest “consumer” or spectator; I definitely was and I still being an over privileged observer during all the process long. That is in my personal opinion, something that can make the difference.

It’s pretty easy to get along with the smiling curiosity. 🙂

Last but not the least, the multicultural milieu definitely increases the possibility to compare yourself, your background, your life, cuisine, your ideas with people from all around the world… Is there any other reason why we’re living on this planet?

Don’t miss the chance, b e a v o l u n t e e r !

Gian Marco 🙂


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