I am not a famous person – Anna Fodera

Anna Fodera is one of our volunteers from Italy. She comes from a very similar but somewhat different place, at least regarding social habits. Her project, “Carnaval Plus – Rural Urban” is related to teaching English and Italian in high schools in the city and in the rural areas. Apart from that she is spreading knowledge on non-formal education techniques by assisting teachers in kindergartens or teaching and sharing experiences about her hometown (located in Sicily) and Italy. She wants to break the stereotypes that Italians have about Romania and she came here to prove them wrong.

Anna Fodera, ITA

Just a year ago I found out the meaning of EVS for the first time. And from that moment everything changed in my life. EVS represents an excellent opportunity for the youngest to grow up, to meet new people and know different cultures from all over the world; to improve yourself in so many different points: gain linguistic skills; social behaviors and many others (I am waiting to discover). Just last year I was studying at the University but I was looking at my life like a stranger, as somebody who needs to live a strong experience to affirm her.

[quote]I am not a famous person. No monuments are dedicated to me. No pictures. There really isn’t anything special. But, something I am doing in this period of my life makes me proud.[/quote]

So, I thought about EVS. I left Italy, leaving my family and everything I had in order to involve myself in a completely different reality than mine.

I have been living in Romania since the very beginning of October and everything is so special for me here. Romanian people are not like everybody thinks. There are so many prejudices that tell you to avoid Romanians because all of them would be bad, negative or infamous gipsy thieves. Spending my time here, I learned so many things and the first one is to not judge by the appearances.

Everybody is so different and so similar in the same time and here I found a lot of humbleness and generosity too, what people tend to lack in Italy.  They are ready to open their hearts to you without asking for anything special in exchange. Thanks to my experience abroad, I know so many different people. If someone is sharing his/her own story with you, that someone can teach you a lot.

My voluntary service concerns activities with youngsters, children, in kindergartens, trying to create new educative games for them, every day. It is a challenge but I like it. For me, it’s very stimulating. I also spend my time in schools preparing interesting activities with and for students. Everybody should experience this.

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Voluntary Service enriches you, practically and mentally too. For me, it means: learning, sharing, growing up with fun. It gives you a way to look at things in a better way. I can’t wait to spend my time here, enjoying every little moment in a very beautiful city: Baia Mare.