I recommend EVS to all the youngsters out there

First of all, when I saw the application call for this EVS, I didn’t waste one second and I decided to join this project. Because I love children and because I love to make them happy. Even it was short just for two months, I won not only unforgettable memories but also precious time for me. As I already mentioned, the objective of my project was working with children. I had to organize activities in different locations during the week. Sometimes we were playing games, sometimes I was trying to teach them our traditional dances. In the Romanii Center, I was teaching them the Zeybek traditional Turkish dance. Even though teaching traditional dances to children proved to be so difficult, we achieved it together and I think we did a good job. I’m really proud of them (special thanks to local volunteer Mara – she helped me a lot translating for the children while I was trying to teach them to dance).

[image style=”no-style” position=”below” src=”http://www.t4uth.ro/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Turkish-Dances.jpg” width=”550″]

I believe in the power of the first impression. If you know how to behave with children, the whole process continues with ease. After learning the Turkish dances, whenever they saw me, they were trying to hug me and to show me what they learn. How can I explain these feelings? How can I forget these great moments?

Apart from the activities in the Romanii Center, I was also going to a public library in Firiza, a nearby village, where I was painting and playing lots of musical games. If I have to compare the children in Firiza with the nes in the Romanii Center, I have to say that there are huge differences. In Firiza, they are really silent, quite and they do what tell them to do. But in the Romanii Center, all the children are so full of energy and so hyperactive. Anyway, children are children everywhere, I love them all.

[image style=”no-style” position=”below” src=”http://www.t4uth.ro/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/children-are-children.jpg” width=”450″]

Even I did my EVS in Baia Mare, which is a really small city, there are many foreign volunteers there. It helped me a lot with my vision. I recognised many different cultures and people in the same time. I was so lucky that I was living with 3 different people in the same flat, from Brazil, Kenya and Germany – three different continents. We cooked together, we shared everything – amazing memories for me.

In conclusion, I really hope I will have the chance to do it again, maybe for a long time. I recommend all youngsters to do it. You will learn how to be a responsible person, how to live abroad etc. Before saying “La revedere”, I want to greet my Spanish friend, Rafael. We met when I left and he came to Baia Mare. This was a bit pity but I’m sure we will meet again.