The language barrier – by Laura Gac

My name is Laura, I’m 20 years old.

I’m a French volunteer and I will be in Baia Mare for 7 months in order to organize a Carnival of non formal education methods. This year will be the 3rd edition.

One day after I finished my school, I went at one association to discuss about volunteering, and this organization told me about EVS, and more particularly about the project in Romania. So after this meeting, directly I applied for Team For Youth Association free place. When they answered, I was really happy, and finally I could start seeing the world! To discover another country, new cultures, new people, new nationalities.

So, when I arrived in Baia Mare, the travel was very long, but I was really happy to be here. Just one problem I had: the language barrier… Really difficult. But when I met Team for Youth Association’s staff, my project colleagues, when I found more about the activities from the project and the other volunteers that are hosted here I felt better.

All of them are very nice, of course when I want to speak with someone they are laughing, because of my French accent, but come on, is funny!

And in the end, I like this city, this lifestyle. Here is different than France, but that’s what we learn: to progress, to advance. It’s a good experience, EVS is rich in surprise, rich in emotions.

See you in Baia Mare, and bisous bisous bisous guys!


Laura Gac (France) is hosted in Baia Mare by Team for Youth Association, in the “Carnval de Non Formal III” project, a European Voluntary Service, financed by the European Commission, through the Erasmus Plus Programme.