Letter for future volunteers (VII) – by Ana Rita

Hey guys! Welcome to Baia Mare! Welcome to Team for Youth Association! I’m Ana Rita from Portugal and I stayed in Baia Mare 12 months!

Before you came here a lot of people told you a lot of things about Romania and probably not good things. But those things they told you are all stereotypes! Romania is an amazing country to visit and to live! And Romanians are really nice and very welcoming! Forget what they told you and see Romania with your own eyes, without other people thoughts! You will be amazed! Trust me!

Let me tell you this: is going to be a very good experience in your life! This is a time for you to discover new things, a new language, a new country(ies), a new culture, a new tradition, new friends and new experiences. As you already realized it’s a time to discover!

When I arrived here everything seemed confused, it was a lot of information at the same time. But only during the first week, after that things slow down a bit. So don’t worry, don’t stress out!

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The volunteers you’ll meet, even from different cities, will become your family in here! And that feels really good! And you’ll travel together, which is amazing too! But not everything will be great and amazing… and when it happens don’t stress out (too!). Be with your new friends and they’ll make you happy again!

 One more thing, try to know the locals! They are amazing and they can show you the city and the best spots to be. And also try to speak Romanian with them, is a really good way to connect and it’s funny to learn and speak a new language! In the first months, it will be challenging but, after that, it’s easier.

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I hope you enjoy this time as much as i did! It really was a very good experience for me! I learned so many new things, visited a lot of beautiful places and made a lot of new friends! And I wish the same for you! Just be positive, respectful and everything will be good!

Ana Rita Coutinho (Portugal) was hosted in Baia Mare by Team for Youth Association, in the “Life Skills for Rural Education” project, a European Voluntary Service, financed by the European Commission, through the Erasmus Plus Program.