My project, so far – Vessie Kostova

My name is Vessie and I’m from Bulgaria. I’ve been in Romania for 2 months already. When I decided to come in Romania I really didn’t know what to expect, but one thing I knew for sure – I wanted to change my life and I wanted to find my own way. The sending organization needed one more volunteer from Bulgaria so I told some of my friends and colleagues at work and there was this colleague of mine (really close to me) who decided to apply and fortunately his application was approved. During the preparation period we decided to get together and that is how we arrived here – as a couple.

vessie (1)

Overall it was quite a new experience for me because I’ve never been abroad. I was full of excitement and questions and of course fears, but I won’t deny that it’s a big advantage to have someone close to you – it’s like you always feel at home.
For two months here I had many new experiences and I met many new people. I had the opportunity to practice my
English and I really hope it is getting better.

The project itself consists of many different tasks, but the one I like best is visiting the Roma center. There we have to do some activities with the Roma children, like playing games, singing, dancing and etc. The kids are amazing, they liked us in the very first day and every time we go there, they get really excited, just grab us by the hand and start playing with us. Sometimes I feel really exhausted after an hour with them, but I’m already looking forward to our next meeting. It’s like you never get enough of that pure, child energy.

In the beginning of August we had to organize a puppet show for the children and I could say that we did a really good job. We were a bit nervous while organizing and practicing, but at the end, when we did the show, the children really liked it, so all the efforts worth it.

Now is the period of preparing the most important task in the project – The carnival of non formal education. Each of the 10 volunteers has to take care of presenting a different method of the non formal education. The carnival is happening in October and will continue for a week. We are all excited and I believe everyone will give their best in this.

Anyway this is only the beginning of our 8 months stay here and maybe there are many things still going to happen, but until now I have never regretted coming to Romania and taking part in the project. I could say for sure that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Vessie Kostova