From Nepal to Romania – My first week (I)

NAMESTE it’s me Tejan!

New place, new country! August 26, 2016 is the day that I landed on the land of Romania. Every things seem new, now I have to take bus to go to Baia mare from Cluj Napoca airport. I got information from my organization “Team for Youth” that I have to take bus called FANY right in front from the main gate of the airport. There were some people who are seating on the bus station. I asked to one person to be clear that is this place from where I can take bus to Baia mare or not, unfortunately he didn’t understand my language and say some things in his language which I didn’t understand too. He pointed his finger towards the girl who was on same bus station and I turn my attention towards the girl and ask her, and I said:

“Excuse me, is this the place from where I can get bus to Baia Mare?”

“Sorry don’t know, do you have the number of driver?” she said.

I think – o God – what is she saying to me? If I had the number of the driver I wouldn’t ask her…

But I did not say anything to her, just:

”No, this is my first time in Romania. Now I have to inform someone to my organization that I arrive to Cluj and I’m coming to Baia Mare”.

So I called, and informed that I’m taking the bus soon. After 15 min one bus comes named FANY and I start my journey. When I arrive to Baia mare it was night!

Sunday in the morning I went to the Team for Youth Office. This was the first day in the Office. I met the other members from organization and some volunteers. After passing sometime in the office we went to do a city tour with some local volunteers. They showed me the city and some important places, it was very nice and I got more chances to know about cultural places and the climate.

Every morning was bringing new things for me. I was getting some new things every day. I got the chance to experience new sights. We went to take the steam train on the mountain. The old model train was run with coal and steam its totally new for me.  I love this cool city Baia Mare!

Tejan Dahal este găzduit de Team for Youth Association în cadrul proiectului ”WWW- World Wise Web” un proiect de Parteneriat Strategic între Moonlight Childrens Home – Nepal, Associazione Joint – Italia și Team for Youth Association România finanțat de Comisia Europeană prin programul Erasmus Plus.