One Bulgarian woman in Romania – Lilly

Ok, when arrived I felt so worried, curious and of course tired. Also I felt that I fall in safe hands, but the language barrier really scared me. With every each day I feel more relaxed.
I’m surprised by the fact that Romania is a beautiful country, with good people, streets and
it’s so cool that I can again ride a bike. It didn’t happened to me since childhood. It’s really fun. 🙂
The thing that makes me feel a little strange is that I feel a little small but significant change in me. I think I’m more patient, and I really want to learn to speak English, to be a better person, getting to know different people, cultures, and ages.
I want to be surrounded by positive people with positive attitude towards the world. I sincerely hope that our differences are not a problem to be kind and tolerant towards each other.
For the first time in my life I live with so many people from different countries. I believe that by the end of the project will have a good relations and of course then to keep good memories about each other. They will have a friend in me if they decide to visit my country.
I had a very cool impression with girls from Poland. I really want to visit this country for a longer period because I was in Poland only for 2 weeks with my dance ensemble from Bulgaria.
At the moment I am a bit difficult to write about because I hear so many voices. But that on the other hand is nice … 🙂
At the last moment write my impressions, because in the last week we had a practice in mountain resort town – Predeal. Reallyyyy good place! Also I am fascinated by our trainers, especially Luciana. Incredibly positive woman 🙂
I met with other volunteers from other countries, have fun, take a drop, but without incidents. 😀
Tonight we gather all because one of the girls will soon be gone and it will be nice to spend an evening together, party time. If it were up to me, every new week or month would arrive one new volunteer. It’s a bit difficult to talk currently about my impressions of Romania, but I definitely think people here are cool. I do not want to list names, but our teacher in Romanian is great. Our coordinators and others in the office too. 🙂 Thank you guys.
This will certainly contribute to my new impression of this country. Many people in my country have spoken not good about our neighbor. I had a fabulous opportunity of coming to see with my own eyes – if it is this true or not! So… I am pleasantly surprised. Above the letter I think I wrote, but I think that Romania is a beautiful country. Language is very difficult, but when someone wants to communicate with you, there is always a way to find out what you mean. More than once I have asked strangers in the store for something I do not understand, for example, price of a commodity, or what is good and tasty. And the people always helped me.
Others for which I am glad that finally I met my mentor. 🙂 Young and cute chick. I hope she did not read this, because I don’t want to be offended to me by this definition. Hehe
I cannot wait to talk to her to find out when it will start with lessons in English. I need them more than ice cream … and I really love ice cream! 🙂
Now I remember one night in Predeal, when we had a typical Romanian cuisine. Also in our first practice we try Romanian food and palinca too. Do not blame me, but mamaliga is not for me. Everything else was delicious! To eat your fingers. 🙂
I’m only 1 month in Romania, I’m sure that in time I’ll have more impressions about the country. Coming months for me will be a real adventure.
Now I thought of something else .. How is it possible to forget about this. 🙂
We visited Sighetu Marmatiei. I was impressed by the country’s fashion of older women. With a headscarf, but with very short skirts. It’s fun! 🙂
And also we visited Merry Cemetery – Sapanta in Maramures country. Really interesting, different, fun and colorful way to remember someone dear. A nice way to remember someone with my jokes and good times 🙂
I cannot wait to visit Cluj Napoca because I’ve heard it’s a very cool city. Over the next seven months I will have possibility to visit other places, meet new people and to store more information about Romania and the Romanian people of course. 🙂

Thanks for this opportunity!

Lilly Petrova