PROGRESS REPORT: My EVS experience in Poland – by Remus Pop

I am Remus,

I am an EVS Volunteer from Romania. This is my 2nd month in Poland, in the small town of Bystrzyca Kłodzka, near the Czech border, in the south. My project involves working with children and teenagers in Zespol Szkol Spolecznych, a semi-private school in the town of Kłodzko.

This is what I have done this month:

  • Started a Drawing Project called ”Fears” in which students from the school are drawing in black and white fears, nightmares or other crazy things their mind can come up with – with other volunteers working in my school.
  • Playing with primary school children during free time (eg. Snowball fight)
  • Assisting English teachers in English lessons by: providing help for the students work, English conversations, presentation of Romanian lifestyle (ex- RO music, RO Traditional Village, etc.)
  • Trip to Kracow and Tarnow – where I got to see how other EVS volunteers live and how their work is,
  • Participating in Euroweek Program in the afternoon (3 or 4 x week),
  • Some work at Social Help Center and Painting boxes at Town Hall,
  • Open Day at Euroweek – presentation of RO traditions and conversations with Visiting Students.
  • Going in ”Rezerwat Jaskinia Niedzwiedzwia” and ”Kopalnia Uranu Podziemna Trasa” school trip in a winter
  • Visited Match museum here + a few outdoor trips in the surrounding area.

What I’ve learned this month:

  • Living with flat mates can be fun,
  • Improve my English and German,
  • How to approach and become friends with polish people
  • Some geographical aspects of Lower Silesia Region
  • Some basic polish words and expressions,
  • The importance of eating healthy and exercising,
  • Better personal time management.