Salut, I am Giulio

I left home two months and 2 days ago, on 3 July 2013 and at the beginning I wanted to change some of how I was living and also to find many new friends.

The fly on the clouds of Romania took me in a land of small villages looking not very recent; getting to Baia Mare was like go back in time for the conditions of the suburbs villages. Romanians in general are not very socially but the host association ”Team for Youth” provides us the necessary needs for live.

Here I quickly found many young peers of different nationalities, like Turkish, Polish, German, Bulgarian and this very enriches ourselves to talk to each other with the common English and also discover other languages ​​and habits.

The main activities that we doing are to assist one or twice a week children at the Roma center, and the lessons of Romanian with the same deadline.

In these two months we have also participated in various trainings on issues such as on the EVS in Predeal or meetings of Rotaract Club where we discussed issues of global concern with young peers from all over the world such as Africa, America and Korea.

We also organized among us in our free time to make small and medium-sized travel in and out of Romania with the hitchhiking or public transport to visit the main tourist destinations like Cluj Napoca, Brasov, Bran, Sighisoara. These were also the most exciting adventures, because personally I had never traveled by hitchhiking and also happened to 5 of us to be hosted by our driver at his home in Boiu Mare and he offered us lunch and snack-dinner with traditional dishes and we also helped in the work in the meadow for the realization of the typical ”farcitura”.

Now we prepare the activities for the true commitment of our project which is called ”Carnival of non-formal education”. It gets between the first and second week of October for a week, with many activities as theater and street games, forums theater, flashmobs and more.

Giulio Casarsa