Simone Guastella – how much I changed in this month and half

Now that I’m sitting here, in front a white paper, I don’t know from where I can start to talk about my EVS experience.

I have two possibilities, start from the beginning and write a boring essay about how I feel after a month and half, what are my desires for the next month, what I did and what I will do, or I can write a nonsense set of funny stories that happened to me, with the result that you will shut down your computer and go out of your lovely home with the desire of punch me for how much stupid I am.

So, I think that the best solution is to mix this two possibilities and make something better, taking inspiration from chilli-chocolate and cheesy-pop corn.

I was stuck in the middle of my boring life, with a non-well payed job, stressed, nervous and with not so much desire to smile and laugh, and I was pretty tired about this.

I searched for an Evs on internet, I found this cool project called “ReAnimate”, in Baia Mare, Romania, and I applied for that. Applying for that it was the best gift I did to myself.

This project was about animation for children in orphanages, hospitals, youth centers and I really liked the idea to bring a smile to people that need it. I love to play with children, I have three nieces, a lot of little cousins and a lot of fun to play with them and also, I love to do magic tricks and origami, balloon twisting and everything is entertaining.

I passed a pre-selection, then a final selection and then I got selected.

The first thing i did after discovering i was selected, was vomiting, a lot.

I don’t know what happened to me, but I know that after that, I felt more light, more positive, more free. I know it was a strong reaction, but I think that i needed it. The last days in Italy passed very fast and in a blink of an eye I was in Romania. Oh, how much I changed in this month and half, you can’t imagine. I was thinking to come here to help other people to feel better, but it was a mutual thing. 

There is nothing more beautiful than a child that hugs you, who is looking for you and that loves you. Before coming here some people in my life made me feel a nullity, but now, thanks to this little children that are all around me in this days, I know that I’m important, at least for them, and this is priceless.

But this is only the point of the iceberg of what I have experienced here.

I did a lot of things, I met a lot of good people that now I can consider friends, I presented Italy to high school students, and I did a short movie about blind people.

About this short, maybe is one of the strongest thing I tried in my life, and I will never finish to thank who make this happen.

For the first time in my life i don’t feel like a burden for others, but useful. And it is amazing. I want to say more, but really, i don’t find such beautiful words to describe what i feel right now.

Thanks to this experience, like Fall out boy say,“I can be Immortal, just not for long!”