Speaking with students about EVS!

To build an EVS campaign was part of the project, and we did it on the same year when EVS celebrate 20 years since was created. Yep!

After the project’s meetings  about the campaign, we knew what we need and what we will do exactly. So, first we prepared the materials: some posters, photo booth, stickers, booklet and on the same time we stared to search the information about volunteering, Erasmus+ and Eurodesk and put all together in one interactive presentation that offered the chance to the audience to find out more about this topics.- Laura

Our coordinator got in touch with the Eurodesk coordinator and we synchronize the campaign with the national event Time to Move. On the same time we establish the days and schedule of the presentations at university. – Aladine

Aladine and Laura made the photobooths, they created one for Facebook/Instagram and one for the Volunteer’s profile. Also they made two posters, one poster ‘’I EVS DO YOU? ’’ with the Earth and different flags  and one ‘’EVS’’ cloud shaped word .

The preparation was good, to create the materials with Aladine, we had lots of ideas. Sometimes our ideas were completely different but all the time we found a point of agreement. During the presentations, I was really stressed because I was thinking they are going to be lots of students but finally, was not so bad. So, I felt better. – Laura

First we had a presentation in a highschool, our coordinator spoke about EVS and after me and Laura tell our EVS’s stories and they enjoy it, they laughed because I tried to speak Romanian.

The next day we went to University, for three different classes. With all the materials prepared and some extra questions, we started our discussions with the students. The students were very nice and they had interesting questions. We presented our countries too: France and Reunion Island.

The last day of campaign was better and we got confidence to speak in front of the students. We did it, and we were happy to make new connections with the students from Baia Mare and to offer them information about European Mobilities in a non-formal way.– Aladine.

Aladine D. Assani (Reunion Island) and Laura Gac (France) were hosted in Baia Mare by Team for Youth Association, in the “Carnval de Non Formal III” project, an European Voluntary Service, financed by the European Commission, through the Erasmus Plus Programme.

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