The journey has started – J Ramon Olivares Belmont

My name is Ramon, I am from Mexico. Over 8 years ago I have worked as a volunteer in my country, for an organization called SIIJUVE (like T4UTH) getting young volunteers from all over the world and sending Mexican volunteers to share a little of what is Mexico.

I’m from a small family of volunteers, my father works in a school with children with mental health problems and my mother collaborates at a house that helps single mothers on the streets, and I think that is why I like to be a volunteer. In my city, along with SIIJUVE volunteers, we support a foundation that helps street children and single mothers.

First I was a volunteer and afterwards I was SIIJUVE coordinator in my city, all the time I’ve worked as a volunteer and I have learned many things in life, I have made many friends around the world and traveled in my country.

But I had never had the opportunity to leave my country due to my work and school, but now that I finished studying, there is nothing that prevents me from going abroad a few months. I’m here now for that reason, I want to live the experience of being a volunteer in another country, learn a new language and a new culture, and especially helping other people is what motivates me to keep going on.

Non-formal education is very interesting and fun, it all starts with what we think, because thinking turns into feeling, when you feel it gets materialized with all we create. All of us are everything, I’m the children, the rain, the singing, the birds, the great central sunlight … We are light in human bodies who have come to remind the world that every thought creates, every feeling creates, what you speak, what you dream, everything creates, everything is created we create, co-create. If you hurt me, you hurt yourself, if it hurts it hurts, if Earth gets hurt, it hurts us all, it hurts what the others suffer and we don’t notice it, we help as much as we can, to walk lightweight…

Today it starts an unforgettable adventure, I am very happy to be here and have this chance, I am a very lucky person for many reasons, I have lived a life full of many good and bad experiences. But through all this I am who I am, so I look at what I’ve done in my life and smile. I look at what I can get to do and that fills me with energy: to be someone better, to not give up and keep fighting every day to keep learning and enjoying life.