Travelling as a volunteer

Welcome to EVS! Here we have many activities, but also the chance and the time to travel all around. What about travelling in Romania?

The best country ever for hitchhiking! Ok, by our experiences you can go by this way wherever you want. Maramures area is the best one for that, also the one where you can find the greatest people. 😉

The first sentence and the most important one when you catch a car : « Sunt voluntar, nu am bani ». If you unfortunately start « autostop » during the night, forget this sentence and just run away if they ask you for money; you don’t want to pay a hostel in the middle of nowhere for the night – believe me!

What about visiting the neighboring countries by hitchhiking? Mmmh, if it’s winter, be careful to wear good socks. Actually, our last trip was an amazingly mess. Ukrainian and Polish don’t like so much to save poor volunteers who are freezing on the road. In this situation: Keep calm, get warm and enjoy your lunch in the closest hospital. ^^

In conclusion, if you go by hitchhiking, be open for everything (in the respect of yourself of course) and enjoy the present moment. It doesn’t matter what happens, at the end you will get to laugh about it.

It doesn’t matter where you are, what you are doing at the moment… The most important is that you have good friends around.

Enjoy your trip!

Laure Boubou Canalss