Volunteering Stories: 2nd round is a charm – by PLAYproject

So far we’re still here, on the second round of the PLAY project. We manage to do activities in the communities as well as giving them some support, even with the still delicate Covid situation. With the many changes we have to get by everyday, still trying to find the best way to implement all of our ideas.

This article’s voice is coming from the current three volunteers working on the project, Alex Baicuș, Juliette Bousquet and Alex Cruz. For that reason we’ll be sharing a short inside of our opinions here with you about our time being here.

Alex B: “The time it’s a valuable resource and limited, and for that reason we understand that every activity is important, and even if the health situation is more complicated we try to adapt and to find the best ways to implement our activities. For that we try to do activities outside, like doing sports or going to ski resorts, spending more time in nature and promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

Juliette: “As the project is now going on for 8 weeks, I would say that even if the Covid situation is not the best to implement our activities with the kids, we managed quite well. We have the chance to be able to meet the kids and I am glad we do because looking at those really disadvantaged children still smiling, laughing and playing is very heartwarming.”

Alex C: “It’s important to keep in mind all aspects of our duty regarding the communities and the children. The agreements with sponsors, the association, us as volunteers and all the other people involved. We’re lucky to have access to enough infrastructure and people to make this project viable and because of that we’re putting our efforts towards building a better time for all of us.”

Briefly concluding, we’ll be welcoming without saying before, all of us together in front of the screen, that we like this project and regardless of any little trouble we find in our way, we’ll enjoy it still, and fight for what we believe is, a righteous and necessary action towards human helping.

The volunteers are hosted by Team for Youth Association in the PLAY project , on a 5 months European Solidarity Corps project in Baia Mare. The content of this testimonial does not reflect the official opinion of the European Union. The responsibility for the information and views expressed in the article rests entirely with the authors.