Volunteering Stories: Beginning of a new adventure – by Lison

Hello 🙂

My name is Lison, I am a 18 years old french girl and I am part of the #DOIT project (”Develope Organize InTtiate”), set up by Team for Youth Association, which will last 4 months (from 1/03 to 30/06).

About me, I finished high school and graduated last year, then I decided to take a gap year before starting university. I thought that this year would be a great opportunity to travel, experience new things and meet new people. An ESC project was a good mix between those points. When I applied to this project, I had no idea what to expect ; I didn’t know Romania at all, and it was a bit blurry concerning the activities that I was going to do.

But when I arrived, I directly felt very good and safe. Everything was settled and we just had to follow the movement.  The group of volunteers and the people from the organization are such kind and caring people. Also, Baia Mare is quite a nice city, not very touristic but you easily feel at home. I was very impatient to discover everything, and to start my activities, give something to the local community and learn a lot in exchange.

Nevertheless, I’m actually unable to do some missions that I was supposed to do because of the COVID19 pandemic; my main activities were to assist French and English teachers and implement workshops for youngsters, but now, every high schools and public institutions are closed.

However, the organization is doing its best so that we do useful things and that we can still stick to the aim of our project.  Apart from this, I’m really glad to be here and I hope that this situation will not be too long because I really look forward to discover Romania and make a lot of new experiences!

But now, let’s stay at home & be safe ! 😉

The volunteer is hosted by Team for Youth Association in the DOIT! project, on a 4 months Solidarity Corps project in Baia Mare. The content of this testimonial does not reflect the official opinion of the European Union. The responsibility for the information and views expressed in the article rests entirely with the author.