Volunteering Stories: ”ESCport from Italy” by Matteo

My name is Matteo and I am an Italian volunteer who has decided to engage in a project with the European Solidarity Corps for the T4UTH.

Before coming here in Romania I had many volunteer experiences and many jobs. After a wonderful year as a teacher, I became passionate about the topic of education, in all its facets, and I started looking for an opportunity that could enhance many of my past experiences and advance my relational, linguistic, organizational and communication skills.
Coming to this association I found an international environment full of people and experiences, friendly and with a lot to offer to those with a proactive spirit. Outside, a context to be explored, characterized by the presence of many needs and problems which translates into numerous possibilities to have a positive impact on the local community.
In particular, I work with young people, I build events, the “Caravans” with my project partner, to inform them about the opportunities offered by the European Union and help them build their volunteer projects. At the moment everything seems to be going well: we have received a lot of praise for our work and we have managed to create three local volunteer action groups, one on stray dogs, one on disadvantaged children and one on the homeless.
For the moment I can say that I am very happy to live this experience and I count still has a lot to offer in the coming months.

The ”Escpert” project is funded by the European Commission through the European Solidarity Corps program and lasts 23 month.