Volunteering Stories: Our girls trip to Romania

On early Wednesday morning, at 4:50 AM Savi, Hattie, Ina and Inken got up and made their way to the train station of Baia Mare to take their first train heading towards Sighisoara.

When they arrived, their first impression was; This city seems dead. But luckily that wasn’t the case. Thanks to a volunteering-friend that they met on On Arrival Training they had the privilege of walking around with somebody who was familiar with the whole area and therefore could show them around. After walking around for a while they decided to make their way to a cosy coffee place that he suggested. A few hours passed by quickly as they were catching up.

Fortunately, restaurants were opened inside in Sighisoara, so that they could stay warm while enjoying their Italian Dinner.

The next afternoon they got onto their next train heading to Sibiu. When they arrived it was snowing heavily as they made their way to the AirBNB near the city center. Because it was already dark, they decided to stay in the apartment for the evening, ordering food and watching a series. On the next day they continued walking around, using Google and Maps to find the places and sights they wanted to see. They visited the Potters tower and its museum about the fortress and its history, the Council tower and the Bridge of lies, which wasn’t as impressive as they expected… Generally they went up to many viewpoints such as towers to see the cities from above.

After they felt like they had seen everything, they went to the train station again to go to their last stop: Brasov. There they visited the Black Church, Turnul Negru and Alb and Strada Sforii where they  got to see street art, which was generally a common element in Brasov. They also had a snowball fight and played football in the snow with people they met.

Even though there was Covid, they could still see and visit things. They mainly stayed outside to visit the cities, just as when having dinner in a recommended restaurant in Brasov at -10 degrees. There they had a pleasant experience as their waiter was the most kind, passionate and energetic person ever.

Their journey back to Baia Mare was an eleven hour train ride with a great view of  the snowy Romanian landscape.