Volunteering Stories: A one percent chance – by Zehra

Hello, my name is Zehra. I was born in Turkey and grew up in Turkey. I continued my education in Turkey. Having a very stable life led me to seek new things.  I had a liberal spirit and a desire to see new places. And now I had to do something for myself. 

And I started researching what I could do for this. I came across the European Solidarity program. Actually, this project was a very dreamy project for me. I never thought I would get accepted. When I told my family and friends, they had no hope either.  Some of my friends even made fun of me.

But I applied thinking that I had a one percent chance.

I learned that I was accepted about 2 months after I applied. I was really happy. Maybe it could happen, even if it was a one percent chance.   And so it happened.  I was accepted and thus my story began. After the visa procedures, I immediately set out for Romania. I was very happy and a little worried. Going abroad for the first time and going alone was a very different experience. But despite all this, everything happened as I wanted and I came to the place where my project is located.

Now that I had overcome those difficult stages, I proudly sent a photo to my friends who said you can’t do it, you can’t get accepted. This has managed to take its place among the memories that I strived for and was happy about in my life. Today I will complete my first 2 months in Team for Youth Association. We have done so many events so far. 

There are many memories I take with me and skills that all added to a better me. My English started to improve, I met new people. I saw new places.  I learned about different religions. I got to experience new cultures. My self-confidence and respect increased. I could say I can do it and I did it. And the more I could, the happier I was!

And there are many things I want to do from now on.  I hope I can make them happen one day.  I can say this to everyone who reads these lines and wants to come: Don’t be afraid to try, even if it’s a one percent chance. 

And never give up, get away from the people around you who have negative thoughts and do something for yourself.  



The volunteer is hosted by Team for Youth Association in Project 2023-1-RO01-ESC51-VTJ-000125226 — Year 3, on a European Solidarity Corps project in Baia Mare.