Volunteering Stories: Romanialand – by Noélie

Hello, my name is Noélie ! I am French and I love all things beyond imagination such as dinosaurs or the intergalactic space. I really like drawing with music it allows me to find myself in my bubble. I really enjoy taking the time to read a good book under the sun. I really like to cook good food to enjoy with my friends or family. The behavior of pigeons fascinates me because they are very similar to dinosaurs. I don’t like how current technology is used and I don’t like social inequality.

I like to appreciate the beauty of nature when hiking.

I’m in Romania to do my “Do It” project, I am doing a volunteering because I wanted to travel, meet new people, new culture, and especially help people.

When I arrived in Romania I could realize the poverty … But the people are very nice and kind. I could admire the diversity and the beauty of these multitudes of churches. Here there are no small pots of yogurt, but there are small cakes in individual sachets. There are not a lot of speed bumps and roundabouts. The beer is not strong. The cashiers sell cigarettes. There are a lot of traffic-light pedestrian and people respect them. There is a lot of forest and it’s nice to walk around. There are a lot of pharmacies and no tobacco shop.

The volunteer is hosted by Team for Youth Association in the DOIT! project, on a 4 months Solidarity Corps project in Baia Mare. The content of this testimonial does not reflect the official opinion of the European Union. The responsibility for the information and views expressed in the article rests entirely with the author.