Volunteering Stories: Trip to Brasov – by Jasmin

Hi, I am Jasmin, 25, from Bremen in Germany. I am a volunteer in Baia Mare, Romania, for the project Cultural Fiesta. In my time here I work with local museums. I am a very creative person and I like to get to know as many things as possible. Romania holds a lot of opportunities for that. 

In my first month I already could travel, so, of course, I took that chance. Together with my flatmates I left the apartment after a very short night at 5:00 am to go to the train station. Fortunately, we bought the tickets the day before, so we just had to get to the platform and into the train. As soon as I sat down, my eyes started closing and I knew I could sleep for a while. The sun was shining in my face as I woke up and a beautiful landscape was passing by. I checked the time. 11:15. so it’s just 6 more hours to go. At 16:45 we arrived at the train station of Brasov. Finally, the destination. As a German girl who likes spooky stories, this is a dream. Seeing this old town, that actually looks a little like Germany, and going to Bran the next day to see the Dracula castle was one of the things I planned to do during my volunteering experience. 

We checked into the apartment and went out to see the old town center. The autumn atmosphere with the cold breezes and the fog was perfect for this place. After a nice dinner (from a sandwich company I won’t mention here because it would be advertising) and a relaxing night we went to see the Black Church and a museum. Although it was autumn the sun was shining (I even needed my sunglasses) so we could see the Hollywood-sign of Brasov a little better than the night before 🙂 

When we finally arrived in Bran (after some bus confusing moments) we had to run to get tickets for the castle, but as soon as we entered it all the stress was gone. This castle and the landscape around it are so beautiful and the sunset that we could see from the balcony was so stunning. 

To cut it all short: I loved this trip and I can’t wait to see more of this beautiful country.



Cultural Fiesta is a European Solidarity Corps’ project run by Team for Youth Association. The project is funded by the EU through the European Commision.