EVS Volunteers Interviews – Gian Marco Gara

Hello Gian Marco. At first, I would like to say thanks to you for this interview. First of all could you give us some details about you and your volunteer background?

I am Gian Marco Gara. I am from Bologna, Italy. I am 29 years old. I study in Anthropology Faculty in Bologna, Italy. Before I decided to antropology, I studied Sociology and Micro-Economy but I decided to give up and I prefered to study this topic at the end. I have started to work as a volunteer since 2011. I was working as a civil volunteer and had been in some project about youngsters who were drug dealers, thieves before. I tried to adapt to social life after they decided to change their life. Also i worked with immigrants who would like to learn Italian.

What was the main reason for you to choose going another country for EVS? Why did you decide to do EVS?

I decided to be in EVS project. Because I am a humanist and open-minded person. I would like to learn new cultures and meet people from different enviroments. Also I felt that I should change my routine life just a little bit and of course refresh myself mentally and emotionally.

Most of people would rather to join EVS Projects while they are between 18-24 years old. However you are older than average EVS volunteers. Do you think the age is important about it? Do you feel or realize any advantages to be here as an experienced one?

Actually I felt like a fish out of water at the beginning. Because I thought there will be problem because of my age. But then I have started change my mind. I think EVS is a great chance for a volunteer and it is so important for my self-improvment.

As an Italian, why did you want to do EVS in Baia Mare? Could you tell us to your opinions about Baia Mare?

When I decided to do EVS, I focused to social projects mostly. I was searching a project which is suit for me. After I contact to Team For Youth that offered me a good chance for EVS, I made my decision. Honestly, there was not any specific reason to choose to do EVS in Baia Mare, Romania.

And I have been in Baia Mare for one month. City is small but so cute. I like the environment in Baia Mare. I mean nature especially mountains. Maybe there is no so many option like in big cities. However Baia Mare has a unique atmosphere with its tradition. I really like to live here.

When you came here, normally you had an oriantation period. So was there any thing that really force you to be settled in Baia Mare? Could you talk about problems that you met at the beginning?

Fortunately, I didn’t have such big problems. I have just observed the conditions and situations. And then I feel myself relax to live here. So it wasn’t hard to be settled here. People who are in Team For Youth helped me so much in this period. Also other volunteers helped me in this period

So could you tell us about your EVS project and your activities in this project?

My EVS project name is EVS 5×8. Mainly this project about European citizenship and cultural diversity. It means I try to organize some activities with local youngsters like students who want to improve themself.

About activities; at the beginnig, I started to learn basic Romanian. That’s why it was like adaptation period. I mean like a warm-up. After September, I will start to work in some activities. For example; Photo Voice. In this activity, I and other volunteers have taken some photos in Baia Mare and have written our opinions about them. The main idea of this activity is our perspective about Baia Mare.

After you finish your EVS volunteership period, what do you think about spreading your EVS experiences? Do you have any idea to share them for people who would like to do EVS?

Actually I have already had an idea which is blogsite about my experiences. I will write down in English and Italian my experiences in that site. Mostly i prefer to share my experiences face to face.

If you had a chance, what would you rather to have 3 things from Italia now?

White wine, my mother’s food (especially souces), my environment in Bologna

At the end, could you tell us with one word what these words remind you?

Romania – Nature

Baia Mare – Placinta

Volunteership – Extraordinary occasion

Team 4 Youth – Tabita, Steli, Andreea, Ionuț, Daniel, Lucrețiu 🙂

Ursus – Cheapest taste

Chimney of Baia Mare – Working dimension

Guitar – Good moments

Athos – Twice is enough

McDonalds – Cheap plastic food 🙂

Thank you Gian Marco for your attention and sincere answers!

Cu placere! 🙂