EVS Volunteers Interviews – Liis Post

Hello Liis. Thank you very much for having time for interview. Could you tell us something about yourself?

My name is Liis Post. I am 22 years old. I am from Võru, Estonia. I have graduated from college after I studied 3 years and my professionality was entrepreneurship and project management. I have a sister who is older than me. I was living alone in Parnu before I came here. However Parnu where I studied is so close to my hometown so I could be with my family at weekends.

When and why did you decide to do EVS? What was your reason to choose Baia Mare?

When I was studying, I wanted to go abroad. Then I decided to go somewhere last spring. Because I wanted to change my life just a little bit. Because I felt bored and wanted to be more active. This period is the best time for me to do something in another country.

Baia Mare was my first option and generally I choose the first options in my life. Also I liked to activities in this project. In addition time of the project was so suitable for me. I never been here so i said myself that why not to do EVS in Baia Mare.

When you came to Baia Mare, did you settle to Baia Mare easily or what kind of things did force you in adaptation period?

I didnt have any problem. I like to be in Baia Mare. Because in my hometown and Parnu are small villages. In Baia Mare, there are many options to do. I know maybe it can be so small for other volunteers. But it is a big city for me.

Can you tell us about your EVS project? Which part of project makes you more excited?

Main activity in this project for me to teach Estonian and English to local people. Also we have small activities. For example we will join a festival this week. I will do street juggling and handcrafting.

When I am with kids, I feel excited. Especially I enjoy so much while they try to learn whatever I show. Also I love to learn and try to speak Romanian.

You teach your language to Romanian people. How do you feel when your students try to speak your language?

I really love it. My language is not so easy for people who speak Latin language. Because Estonian pronouncation is really hard. However their effort makes me so excited. And I feel so good to teach my culture to them.

Do you have any idea that you would like to do during your EVS project?

I want to have more time with children who live in rural area. I want to give them more chance to learn new things. I don’t have any specific idea right now but maybe in future I can collaborate with other volunteers for them to do new things.

Are you member of any NGO or volunteer organization in your country?

I am not member of any NGO but I worked as a volunteer for Student Company Fair. In this organization, students all over Estonia are gathered and they try to sell some little things which are made by them. Products are like jewellery, handmade cards, table games.

What are your future plans as a volunteer? Do you want to continue the volunteership activities in your country?

Of course, I want to be volunteer in future. Because after I came here, I really like to work as a volunteer and be with comunity. I feel that I improve myself with volunteership.

You are not a talkative person and mostly you prefer to talk when you have to. What do you like to do when you are alone?

I like to listen music. Especially Estonian music. It is like meditation for me. I try to follow news about my country while I am here. Also I like to walk alone and listen myself. The crossword is the best for me. When I have time, I always solve crossword.

Maybe I don’t look like so talkative however I really enjoy to be with my friends. I prefer to be listener and talk when it is necessary.

Could you tell us your flatmates with one word?

Jule – Smiling

Ruben – Dancing

Gian Marco – Guitar

Laure – Cute

Thank you Liis!!

You are welcome 🙂 It was so enjoyful for me.