Forum Theater – Valter Alves

Carnaval de Nonformal – Forum Theater Method

In the non-formal carnival that we realize in the city of Baia Mare were ten methods of nonformal ways of education whit different tips of approaching and style to contact whit the public and our target public was the local community tourists so in one word everybody, some methods wait for the people to interact with them and others choose to make there way into the people by being unexpected and totally dislocated from the normal context of the daily normal events routine this methods socked the public eyes and created the must interesting reactions from them.

This is who I see and characterized the methods we do in the carnival. Is also important to refer that we are the first group of voluntary’s who tried to do this kind of event is the first time ever so we are like pioneers and this Carnival will be a pilot one this means that the next generations of voluntary’s can learn from it improve and upgrade the event in order to make it better every new edition.


Now I will talk about my method in this Carnival the Forum Theater method that is not so must an interactive method but more dynamic one when the people came to see and performed in the theater as well. To make this method happen I needed the help of lots of local voluntary’s to be exact eight persons, who help me in making the texts build up the stage and of course performing in the theatre because the majority of the audience is made up whit Romanian people if not I would like to perform myself but in the light of the facts was impossible for me act in from of a Romanian speakers audience.

Any way this fact don’t make any mess in our preparation because my guys where so dedicated and professional in the reversals that we even denied the assistance of a professional actor xDD, this is just for you to see who luck I was whit my local volunteers, the show was about bully in the schools so some girls bring there school uniforms from home and the others dressed there best dresses to impress as teachers and school directors they where really professional and relax during the performance in the theatre even when the people from the audience start intervening in the plate my local voluntary actor don’t lose there concentration in the act because they know from the beginning that this kind of thing was supposed to happens since the Forum Theatre is all about give to the audience the opportunity to enter in the story and try to change the course of the events.

In the end of all this I make a positive balance of my method in particular because I managed to have my volunteers all the time working whit my I created a sort of a time spirit in all of them we get a got audience in the day oy the show so I am very proud of myself and obviously super proud of all the local volunteers’ who Worked whit me they are the best ;).

Valter Alves