German Language Club – with Jule

Hey, I’m Jule from Germany!

Like for the other volunteers here, one of my main activities is to teach my mother tongue. And I don’t know why, but there are many people who want to learn German. Probably because of our economical situation, the TV channels in German some years ago, or because of their interest in other languages…

I started my second period of lessons in Janurary and I didn’t even had to spread the buisness cards I had designed to promote my classes. But I’m always wondering why…

My classes have two different kinds of levels, one course is advanced and the other two are for beginners.

During the lesson, I’m trying to teach as much as possible with non formal methods, that means games or other interactive activities. In my opinion, it’s a good method for the advanced course, because you can make the students talk in another language while having fun. For the beginner class though, it is quite hard to think about proper games. First of all, you have to teach them some vocabulary and grammar. But after that, it’s good to make the students remember the vocabulary through games.

I really enjoy the time with my students. We have a lot of fun together and can laugh about their pronunciation (it seems to be difficult for them)…and so the hour we spend together is passing fast.

Jule Gabriel