My Estonian Evening


On the 21st of February it was my turn to present my small and developed but not so well-known country – Estonia. I guess many people who came to the Museum that evening already knew something about Estonia but probably this knowledge wasn`t enough to create an opinion of Estonian culture and people.

My objective wasn`t to talk about these “things” that are readily available on the Internet. I just wanted to show Estonia as I see it and why I am proud of. I tried to make my presentation easily traced, interesting, funny, useful and as short as possible but still talking about important and interesting topics. I showed many pictures of cities and towns in Estonia, important events and beautiful places that are worth visiting and introducing videos. Two videos were about Estonian Song and Dance Festival that is one of the most important Estonian traditions.


I was happy to see that besides my friends and people I already knew, there were also people whom I haven`t met before. During my presentation I observed audience in order to see if they are bored or interested. I tend to believe they were more interested than bored because I saw smiling faces that made me more confident. Every time I have to present something in front of audience (and I`ve done it many times) it`s not so easy and comfortable for me, but I believe it`s good for my presentation skills. After my presentation I was really glad to hear positive feedback.

For me it was a good opportunity to introduce my home country and thereby raise awareness of Estonian culture. I hope it was enjoyable evening! Thanks to everyone for coming! ☺

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  • steli

    e-information about e-country from a real EVS volunteer 🙂

  • Vlad

    & me i’m a romanian in Estonia right now in a project and next weeks i have to present here my not so well-known country Romania 🙂

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