So…The Carnival is a fact – Lilly

So…The Carnival it is a fact.

We were looking forward to it, but we made a mistake to let things for the last minute – preparation and organization. We all were focused around different things, and this was a big minus about it. I was expecting more from the Carnival, but still I saw lots of the methods we were training, and they went good. I‘m surprised about Forum theater’s local voluntaries. They did amazing work like real actors and no matter I don’t speak and understand Romanian it was very interesting to me. The discussions about World Cafe were on high level and interesting too. It was fun. We could do it much better in general, because we had plenty of time to help others and using our own methods same times, because the Carnival is a collective idea and project. My own method was Invisible theater. At the beginning everything was nice and calm. The local volunteers who wanted to join our cause were great – two girls and a boy. Unfortunately no matter how many meeting we had together,so I could introduce my ideas and practice ,the two girls left me at the last minute. I was really worried, because I had only 2 days left to find new boys, but luckily i found new people. I am so thankful to all of them, because they found time in their heavy school program. The idea of Invisible theater is to affect the political and social problems in our society. To provoke a realistic reaction from the society – pedestrians who walk by, and to make them take part in the scene, without actually knowing it is a scene.

In my opinion, we succeeded in realizing this goal. We met solidarity and help from the local people, as well as complete lack of interest.

But surely if we decide to continue doing the same thing, will be more much easier to base that already have experience. The end result will be better also. Would be very glad if everyone of us learn from his mistakes and know how to improve them.

We need a strong teamwork, cause I think that we didn’t took attention of others volunteers activities in the same project. Most of us just care about their own work.

I expected more local people to join the event and have fun together with us. But there was lack of information about the association and the carnival itself.

I was impressed by the street animation in the last day, especially the poi.

But overall it was nice and useful for all of us. 🙂

Lilly Petrova