Spanish Evening @ The Museum

So… the other day on Thursday I made my Spanish presentation in the Intercultural Evenings, in the Museum of Art, “Centrul Artistic Baia Mare”.

I was working for 2 weeks long at the presentation, selecting the images, thinking about what parts of the country to talk about… and finally I decide make it about (the best part of the country for me), Galicia, my country, my earth and one part of my life.

When I choose, my brain was full with a lot of ideas, places, activities, parties, legends… and I didn´t know how to start, but at the end I spoke a bit about Spain and the rest about Galicia, I showed the cities, the seaside, the forest; why we want to be independent from Spain, the disasters – because nobody take care about what happened in Galicia… and about the parties, a lot.

I went to the museum expecting not so much people…. Only a few… because I was so nervous, honestly I don´t like to talk in front of many people, but I know that is good for me to do that, and there were a lot of people… I sweat a lot, but after I started, it wasn´t so bad, I spoke a lot, I tried to make the presentation as funny and enjoyable as possible, and show this part of Spain that very few people know about… and I think that my presentation worked! Because many people told me that they don´t know anything about Galicia, and the places that I showed, and now they want to go there, and I am really glad for that and that I made interesting my part of earth.

Ruben Garcia