Youth Exchanges

Do you want to get to know other cultures? Are you between 16 and 25 years old? Do you want to learn about European themes through activities with other youngsters? Try a Youth Exchange!

Through these projects, youngsters have the opportunity to work in an intercultural environment, with other youngsters from different backgrounds and different countries. They have the opportunity to collaborate, to debate and discuss, to experiment cultural diversity in Europe. Also, they get to know themselves better in relation to others, to make their own impressions, to confront stereotypes and prejudices about other cultures. All of these can happen during a Youth Exchange. The themes for these projects are very diverse, including projects that deal with culture, ecology, media, society, sports or civic culture.

No matter what the theme of the project is, one such activity can transmit a strong message to the participants, to form them in the sense of tolerance, participation and diversity.

If you are looking for a short term experience in which you can get to know a lot of people and also develop personally, travel across Europe, or just to find out about a multitude of themes, be on the lookout for the Youth Exchanges that we are sending you in.  The transport is almost fully covered (depending on the venue of the exchange and the type of project); lodging and 3 tables per day are also covered. These exchanges are literally free. Almost, you travel in groups, together with a team leader.