Cultural Fiesta Initiatives for Museums

What has Cultural Fiesta been up to!?

Update 30th of August 2021

Since we arrived to Baia Mare the 30th of May, we have been up to many things. We have put our focus on developing our partnerships with different museums of the city. The Minarlogy Museum, the History one and finally the Village and Etnography Museum. We have helped them further develop projects they had in mind. The objetive is to make the institution more accessible and exciting for young people.

First meeting with the Village and Etnography museum
Meeting Oana, our link with the Village and Etnography museum.
First meeting in the Mineralogy museum!
Meeting the director of the Mineralogy Museum, as well as Alexandra, our link there!

Working with the museum is a work in progess and the main objetive of the project. However, we have carried out different cultural events and activities that helped us understand what young people of the city want for their cultural life. This is something really important for us! Here you have some examples 🙂

Collective mural. Painting together and sharing info and ideas

Our first activity, collective mural in the park.
Our first activity. A collective mural in the park. Such a nice experience!
Our first activity, collective mural in the park. Such a nice experience!
This activity helped us gather info about what young people from the city need in their cultural life!

Marin’s Aftershow. Giving a more informal space to artists to share their work!

The artist playing its music. It was such a blast to meet Marin.
Marin's aftershow
This activity gave us the opportunity to meet new people from the city. They might be interested in attending upcoming events!

Book club and painting classes. Meeting people with common cultural interests!

Book club in the association's office
Rachel’s personal project: a space for book lovers!
Painting classes in the association's office
Rubi’s personal project. Painting classes in which you will not only learn but also enjoy making art!

Kid’s corner in the Village museum. While parents visit around, we had fun painting and playing games!

Games in the museum
Playing Viking’s Chess with two local siblings. It was fun!
Kid's corner in the Village museum
Painting with a child. He was such an artist!

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European Union funds Cultural Fiesta, a Team for Youth’s project. It is part of the European Solidarity Corps.