Cultural Fiesta Initiatives for Museums

A more personal view of the project

Update 8th of November 2021

The first run of Cultural Fiesta is now officially wrapped up. Rubi and Rachel have left after some really intense months. However, Elvi has chosen to stay for the second round as well. She will now meet the next two volunteers, who we will present in a couple of weeks. Furthemore, the three of them will keep developing the relationship with the museums as well as keep offering them support and ideas.

It is more than a professional relationship

As a way to showcase how we have been working with the institutions for this first round of Cultural Fiesta, here you have Elvi’s testimony working with Baia Mare’s ethnography museum. She recorded the video in order to help Oana, our contact there, with one of her university classes. In addition, it is also a cool way for you to understand that the volunteering project goes beyond what you do in the office or with the partners. Indeed, it is an immersive experience in which every activity, from a trip to a meeting with someone, will make you learn something.

Hope you like the video, thanks for reading!

European Union funds Cultural Fiesta, a Team for Youth’s project. It is part of the European Solidarity Corps.

By Elvi