Cultural Fiesta Initiatives for Museums

It is all about audivisuals!

Update 5th of October 2021

Today we are all aware of the power of Social Media. Indeed, it is the main source of culture consumption for young peopleAudiovisual content is what attracts more attention in Social Media which is why we will focus on how museums could use this in their favour:

Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great tool to show people a more personal and approachable side of the museums. In this platform, users have more time to explain a story or develop a concept more in depth. The tone of the channel is up to the institution and it can vary from very professional and formal to more relaxed and friendly. Here you have examples of the two:

A formal approach

More serious videos like the one in the video are a good opportunity to share very specific stories that might be overlooked when someone visits the museum. It makes the viewer think about how much story there is behind every little sample shown. Furthemore, it might attract people that stumble upon the video. As a viewer, one could think: “if this is only a promotional video, how much am I missing by not going to the museum in person!?”

A friendlier approach: a vlogging museum!

The contrapoint of this approach is the resources needed to produce it. However there is an easy solution. Indeed, it might be even more convenient if our target is young people. Just open a vlogging channel!

Vlogging consist of someone reporting about an experience, normally in first person. Instead of writing about it, they show it audiovisually. It creates a great bond between the vlogger and the audience, since the vlogger should show themself as realistically as possible. In the case of a museum vlogger, it could be a worker or a researcher explaining in a more viewer-friendly day what the day to day in the museum is.

Some ideas for vlogs are:

  • Opening day in the museum: cracking nerves!
  • Office day: the not so fun part of working in the museum
  • Meeting my colleagues!
  • How we choose samples? Come to the lab with me!

The possibilities for a vlog are endless. The focus should be put on showing a more approachable side of the museum. Who is working there? What do they do? As a viewer, I would be really interested in meeting in person the people I have come to known via YouTube.


In case this was not enough, here we leave you an insteresting link in which there are some cool recommendations and inspo for Museum’s YouTube Channels.


Thanks for reading!

By Elvi

European Union funds Cultural Fiesta, a Team for Youth’s project. It is part of the European Solidarity Corps.