Project in Romania: (Dis)Able 2 Act

We are looking for volunteers with the European Solidarity Corps program!
Volunteers will be active in the community of Baia Mare with the aim of increasing the visibility of challenges faced by people with physical disabilities, in order to sensitize the population about their situation and to make advocacy on the topic of rights of people with disabilities. We want to create a local movement that applies to disabled people, implemented and sustained by the activities of the ESC volunteers. With this project we hope to create equal opportunities for various categories of disabled people in Romania.

Proposed activity period: 182 days (about 6 months) starting as soon as possible (preferred beginning of april 2021)


The project is meant to support persons with physical disabilities in Baia Mare, including activities in the daycare center of the Esperando Association by involving 8 cross-border volunteers from different European countries in order to facilitate access to culture, leisure activities, education and promoting inclusion in normal activities in the local community.

Volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps will acquire skills in working with people with disabilities, in related areas such as: working with young people, non-formal education, social assistance and speaking in a new language. They will leave their comfort zone in order to integrate a new value system and they will overcome the stereotypes regarding Romania. During the activities the volunteers will mostly interact with beneficiaries of Esperando Day Center, Team for Youth local volunteers and the center’s activities coordinators, they will find out about the situations that physically disabled people are confronted with in Baia Mare. Based on these, with the support of the project team, they will prepare and implement support and leisure activities and raise awareness to the target group of the project


Accommodation in rented flats, together with other volunteers and even the room if its needed! The flats are located in the town, have access to public transport, shops and entertainment facilities. The flats are equipped with WiFi, furniture, beds, bed sheets, cutlery, toiletries. The volunteers are responsible for the cleaning and maintaining of the flat. All expenses are paid (and the rent) by the project. Volunteers receive 150 E per month as food money. Local transportation for activities can be reimbursed. International travel expenses are also reimbursed up to a limit!
Pocket money (3 E per day) is provided!


We provide logistic support in the activities. The volunteers take part in On Arrival Training and Mid Term Evaluation, organized nationally. Apart from this the volunteers have Romanian language lessons included in their schedule. They will undergo short workshops and training’s on: pre-departure training, welcome meeting, getting adjusted to the local reality, working with disabled people, non formal education, safety and security, discovering the area, discovering themselves, teamwork, digital design.


We are looking for volunteers residents or citizens of EU countries only!

The ideal profile we would like is:

    • responsible persons with open mind,
    • able to follow an activity plan,
    • flexible in preparing and implementing the requested tasks.

Previous experience in the topic of social work is encouraged. We are looking for youth that can benefit in the future (professionally or personally) by the activities in this project.

Participants are accepted regardless of gender, beliefs, preferences, level of education. It is needed that you have a minimum of English vocabulary and you are between 18 and 30 years old.

You must be able to stay the full duration of the project!!!

DEADLINE TO APPLY: no deadline!
HOW TO APPLY: trough ESC website:

(You need an ESC profile, a ready CV and short Motivation letter, in English to apply)

The pre-selected candidates will be contacted by the project coordinators to complete a form and get in touch with us directly (video interview for the purpose of final selection).