Year 3: Volunteer in Romania

Are you looking to volunteer with the European Solidarity Corps program? We are starting our third year from our strategic long-term plan and YOU can be part of it! Help us achieve part of our vision and work together to improve the local community of Baia Mare, Romania.


Proposed activity period:

January/February 2024 – December 2023 (from 5 months to 12 months period only)


Starting from the needs identified by us in the local community the project is developed on three main topics:

  1. Creating an open and tolerant society – 1 volunteer will be involved in working on the topic of interculturality and acceptance: presentations of the volunteers’ county, meeting in schools and highschools about volunteering, language workshops, book & movie clubs, actions to provide support for marginalized communities, awareness raising campaigns on different topics and activities in public spaces connected to international days.
  2. Developing skills needed for young people in the upcoming European job market – 1 volunteers will be involved in working on our ”learnity” and digital skills departments: creating and implementing workshops on writing CVs and motivation letters, role play interviews, workshops on digital skills, cybersecurity, fake news and other activities meant to boost the employability skills of youth from the local community.
  3. Environmental Actions – creating clean walks, helping to keep young people informed on the importance of maintaining the natural environment, on creating green themed actions and helping to make our community more environmentally friendly – looking for 2 volunteers

After participating in these projects, the volunteers will gain a set of competences and skills (”soft” and ”life” skills included) that will help them in their future. Secondly, they will also get the chance to discover a new culture, meet new people, study a new language and improove their communication skills in English.

Each volunteer mobility is divided into several stages:

(a) The first month represent the accommodation period. They meet the collaborative public institutions, in which the volunteers will have activities and plan things according to their capacity. They will be slowly introduced to the work-style and spaces of the local organisation.

(b) The next months consists in the actual implementation of the activities. This period is the bulk of the project. In order for things to be structured, the volunteers will have to prepare, implement and evaluate activities in the office, public spaces and partner institutions. They will propose initiatives, they will be directly involved in bringing information to young people in the local community and to interact with them.  We hope the volunteer will develop a routine and join ongoing activities, while taking a more active role in the three main topics of the project. They will evaluate and receive feedback on their progress.

(c) The last part stage consists in measuring the impact, gathering and summarizing the results of all activities, as well as to complete the Youthpass certificate.


Accommodation in rented flats, together with other volunteers and even the room if its needed! The flats are located in the town, have access to public transport, shops and entertainment facilities. The flats are equipped with WiFi, furniture, beds, bed sheets, cutlery, toiletries. The volunteers are responsible for the cleaning and maintaining of the flat. All expenses are paid (and the rent) by the project.

Volunteers receive 150 E per month as food money. Local transportation for activities can be reimbursed.

International travel expenses are also reimbursed up to a limit! The volunteers are encouraged to opt for green travel – to avoid using planes – as the protection of the environment is also part of our ongoing strategy. More financial support and time for travel to and from the project venue is provided for the green travel option.

Pocket money (4 E per day) is provided!


We provide logistic support in the activities. The volunteers will also take part in On Arrival Training and Mid Term, organized nationally. Apart from these, the volunteers have Romanian online language lessons included in their schedule. They will undergo short workshops and trainings on several topics to assist them in implementing their activities. Importantly, all this will be done using non formal education methods to work and will be based on the needs and capacity of the project team.

Most importantly, you will be supported by an organisation from your home country with the role of sending/support organisation.


Therefore, the ideal profile we would like is:

  • responsible persons with open mind.
  • communicative, friendly and positive attitude.
  • interest in the topic of the project: either in activity 1,2 or 3, or in all of them.
  • able to follow an activity plan, and also to prepare and lead an activity.
  • comfortable with working with all age groups (with the focus of young people).
  • between 18 and 30 years of age.
  • serious and motivated persons, ready to get actively involved in the local community,
  • national of any EU state, preferably, but not required – because of visa issues (no budget for visa).
  • good knowledge of English BUT ready to learn a new language (Romanian).
  • assume the role of a cultural ambassador for the country they come from, and work towards reducing stereotypes, racism and marginalization in the groups he will work with.
  • committed to a long-term project in the local community.
  • attentive to the needs of the young people the volunteer will work with, and to the needs of our organization.
  • interested in supporting the activities of other institutions they will work with and the activities they do.

Participants are accepted regardless of gender, beliefs, preferences, level of education!

In conclusion, you must be able to stay the full duration of the project!!!


HOW TO APPLY:  trough ESC website:

ESC in Romania | European Youth Portal (

(You need an ESC profile, a ready CV in English to apply)

The pre-selected candidates will be contacted by the project coordinators on email to complete a form. They get in touch with us directly (video interview for the purpose of final selection).